Flexepin Voucher Custom Value

  • For Guild Wars 2
  • Buy in-game items like weapons, gliders and skins
  • Get a Pet that helps you in battles!



  • Download a 2000 Gem Card for Guild Wars 2 on your PC now!
  • Buy in-game items like clothing, boosts, mini pets and more.
  • Suitable for every EU account.
  • Pay using one of our many payment methods.
  • Receive a Guild Wars 2000 Gem Card per email in just a few seconds.
  • Take up to one year to redeem this Gem Card.

What is Guild Wars 2?

Guild Wars 2 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game, created by ArenaNet and published by NCSoft. This game can only be played on a PC. Guild Wars 2 is a game that is constantly changing due to the influence of its players. You never know what can be expected when you log in, and this makes the game all the more exciting!

What is a Guild Wars 2: 2000 Gem Card?

With this 2000 Gem Card you can make in-game purchases in the Gem Store and buy various extras. Think of accessories, account upgrades and services, boosts and mini pets that you can collect and use in battle.

Which variants of Guild Wars 2: Gem Cards are available?

In addition to this 2000 Gem Card, Gamecardsdirect also sells a 4000 Gem Card. When you order a 4000 Gem Card you will receive two codes for 2000 Gems. Both variants can be ordered in our webshop.

How do I activate a 2000 Gem Card code?

  1. Log in to Guild Wars 2;
  2. Open the Black Lion Trading Company panel (default hotkey [O] or the icon of the lion in the top left corner of the screen);
  3. Hit ‘Redeem Code’ in the Gem Store;
  4. Follow this instructions on your screen;
  5. Your Gem balance will be increased with 2000 Gems as soon as you have activated your redeem code.

Terms & Conditions

Your right to cancel purchases and request a refund depends on the type of product you have purchased from Voucherpulse. The purchase of digital products and digital content is final. This means that, as a rule, no refund will be given unless instructed by local law or supplier of the specific gift or game card. For all other products, your right of withdrawal expires upon receipt of the code. Digital content that you cannot cancel includes, but is not limited to: Wallet top-ups, games, DLCs, subscriptions, shopping gift cards, phone credit, prepaid credit, and cryptocurrency vouchers.

I didn’t receive the code within 10 minutes

If you haven’t received your code within 10 minutes, the email may have ended up in your spam folder. Therefore, check your spam/advertisement/promotional folder before contacting. It is also possible that we perform an extra check for certain payment methods, which makes it take a bit longer before you receive your code. This will never be more than 24 hours.

As long as we haven’t sent you the code yet, you have the right to cancel your order. You have 30 days for withdrawal, or until you receive your code.

When do I receive my code?

When purchasing a product, the amount always has to be paid in advance. You will then receive your order by email. Did you make a mistake in the payment details? Please let us know as soon as possible. Note that we are not responsible for incomplete telephone payments. Make sure you have enough phone credit to complete the payment successfully. Incomplete payments will not be reimbursed.

The voucher code is not redeemable for cash and cannot be resold or otherwise exchanged. It will not be replaced if it is lost, stolen or otherwise used without your permission. Can only be used once.

Redeem Instructions

Redeeming your Guild Wars 2 Gem Card is really simple, and is done by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your Guild Wars 2 account;
  2. Open the Gem Store – Black Lion Trading Company panel (press [O] on your keyboard or click the lion icon in the upper left corner of your screen);
  3. Select Redeem Code in the upper left corner of the Store homepage and follow the on-screen instructions to redeem your serial code for gems;
  4. Your credit will be topped up with the newly purchased Gems right after you have redeemed your code.